By Chardonnae Parker / Managing Editor

Recently the world lost the NBA icon Kobe Bryant in a horrific helicopter crash that included eight other victims.  Since the accident, NBA fans all over the world have been working together and discussing different ways to tribute Bryant.  

Many fans wear his apparel, others post on social media, some get tattoos, but then there are others who believe the best way to tribute to one of the greatest basketball players ever is to make him into the logo of the NBA.

The current logo is of Jerry West, another NBA legend. According to the NBA history site “Though it’s original purpose of rebranding the NBA may have been served long ago, the NBA logo still remains incredibly popular. It can be seen on a vast variety of merchandise, from clothing and apparel to posters and decorations and everything in-between. In this way, the popularity of the NBA’s logo continues to earn the league immense amounts of money in merchandise sales.” With that being said the logo has been that way for many many years.  

The petition was first started the same day as Kobe’s death.  With that being said many people have signed this petition. At one point not even a week later the petition had over two million signatures and five million shares.  As an athlete when you saw the petition naturally it was easy to make the decision saying yes after everything Kobe did the petition. Many people did.”I think they should because he deserves to be recognized forever and Jerry West the current logo man is still alive and Kobe isn’t” said men’s basketball player Tremount Moore.  

“Jerry West has some prestige to it, but Kobe had an extreme impact on the league, so I feel that it is well fitting. To think about the three greatest players in the game, you think of MJ, Lebron James, and Kobe, so why not make the emblem one of the best players ever,” said number 24 for the MVC’s men’s basketball player Alonzo Williams.  

Now openly admitting that if the logo does change this will change a lot of things for owners, teams, fans, and just all around basketball in general.  To honor the great Kobe fans yell Kobe when they shoot or play basketball with throwing paper in the trash to honor him, but the NBA can do more. More can be done like the logo change, the best way to honor Kobe.  

“Kobe made a legacy and name for himself and others. One of the greatest to ever do it.” Darrell Watson MVC basketball member says” This will make things memorable and life changing.”  That is a great way to honor Kobe and really soon the NBA should more than consider the change.