By Vonte Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

When the calendar says October many people find themselves in the mood for some Halloween scares. A good way to find them is with a quality horror movie.

Not every movie in the genre delivers the frights, however. Here are three horror films that fail to live up to expectations.

3. Killer Klowns From Outer Space- This movie shouldn’t even been in the horror category, because the scenes were not scary at all, and it seemed like they were trying to be humorous more than trying to be scary.

2. Children of The Corn- The movie had more weird and misleading parts.  There was killing in the movie, but not in the way that would catch someone by surprise or scare.

1. Rubber- A movie about a killing tire doesn’t sound frightening to anyone with some movie taste.  There was no explanation to how the tire started to kill people. The movie started off with the tire just rolling on an open road, and to me that is terrible writing.  That’s why this is number one on the list.